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Nomura Asset Management Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“NAMM”) was established in December 2006 as a full-fledged asset management outfit, equipped with ground staff for front, middle, and back-office functions. Our track record in Malaysia predates the establishment of the NAMM office with the management of Malaysian Equities commencing in 1994 from offices outside of Malaysia. At present, we count government-linked institutions and insurance companies amongst our clientele. 




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Our Conventional Wholesale Funds


Product Description Table:


Investment Strategy

The Fund will invest up to a maximum of 99.5% of the Fund‟s NAV in the Target Fund; the remaining Fund‟s NAV not invested in the Target Fund will be kept in cash or invested in money market instruments, fixed deposits and/or liquid assets. The investment strategy of the Target Fund is to achieve potentially higher excess returns than a diversified portfolio and expecting returns from the concentrated stock holdings to be less diluted as compared to a diversified portfolio. When considering any investments, the Target Fund will analyse the investee companies‟ management quality and corporate governance as an indicator to company behavior.


Investment Objectives

The Fund seeks to achieve long term capital growth by investing in the Target Fund which invests primarily in global equity securities.        


Performance Benchmark

MSCI All Country World Index
The risk profile of this Fund is different from the risk profile of the benchmark.


Asset Allocation
  • A maximum of 99.5% of the Fund’s NAV to be invested in the Target Fund; and
  • A minimum of 0.5% of the Fund’s NAV may be kept in cash or invested in money market instruments, fixed deposits and/or liquid assets.


Target Investors

Based on the investment objective of the Target Fund, the Fund is suitable for Sophisticated Investors seeking long-term income and capital growth and who are prepared to accept a higher level of volatility.          


Fund Type
Classes of the Fund

Class USD and Class MYR


Fees & Charges

Sales Charge: Up to 5.0% of the initial offer price of a Class during the initial offer period, thereafter, on the NAV per Unit of a Class;
Management Fees: 1.8% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund;
Trustee Fees: 0.02% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund or its equivalent in the Base Currency (excluding foreign custodian fees and charges) or a minimum yearly fee of RM9,000; and
Administrative fees and expenses that are directly related and necessary to the business of the Fund may be charged to the Fund.      



Product Description Table:


Investment Strategy

The Fund shall invest primarily in fixed income securities with sound and quality credit fundamentals. The Fund would largely maintain a buy and hold strategy for its core holdings.


Investment Objectives

The Fund seeks to optimize returns to its investors by mainly investing in fixed income securities denominated in Ringgit Malaysia.     


Performance Benchmark

Malayan Banking Berhad 12-month Fixed Deposit Account rate
The risk profile of this Fund is different from the risk profile of the benchmark.


Investor Profile

The Fund is suitable primarily for Sophisticated Investors who are seeking for a consistent income stream over a medium horizon.       


Fees & Charges

There is no Sales Charge, Switching Fee and Redemption Charge imposed for this Fund. However, there are fees and charges which you are indirectly charged should you decide to invest in this Fund as follows:

  • A Management fee of up to 0.20% per annum of the NAV of the Fund;
  • A Trustee fee of 0.03% per annum of the NAV of the Fund subject to a minimum of RM9,000.00 per annum; and
  • Any other expenses in relation to the administration and operations of the Fund. 

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The Information Memorandum (“IM”) and Product Highlight Sheet (“PHS”) for the relevant wholesale fund on this website are made available for information purposes only. A copy of the IM and PHS have been lodged with the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”). The SC will not be liable for any non-disclosure on the part of NAMM; and takes no responsibility for the contents of the IM and/or PHS; makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from, or in reliance upon the whole or any part of its contents. Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the relevant IM and PHS before investing. Amongst other matters, investors should ensure that they fully understand the risks, fees and charges involved. If in doubt, investors are advised to seek independent professional advice. Investors should note that the price of units and distributions payable, if any, may go down as well as up and that past performance of the target fund is not an indication of its future performance. Units of the fund may only be sold to sophisticated investors as prescribed under the SC’s guidelines. Any issue of units to which the IM relates will only be made on receipt of an application form referred to and accompanying a copy of the IM.